Generating Value During the High Gas Price Era

Posted by Trevor Akason on Thu, Apr 07, 2022 @ 01:00 PM



It’s been a tough year for consumers. With gas prices hitting 14-year highs and inflation seemingly increasing by the day, people are starting to wonder if or when they’ll catch a break. Though most of these problems are out of your control, offering consumer value through a loyalty program has become paramount. Customers are already coping with inflated gas prices, so why not look for other ways to create value? At Simpliconnect, we are all about solutions and helping you create strong and lasting engagement with your customers. And in tough economic times, that doesn’t come easy. Here are a few ways you can generate value for your customers and create a stronger connection with them along the way.

1. Fuel Rewards – One of the big staples of the Simpliconnect loyalty program is fuel rewards. They can come in two forms: a points program or fuel rollback at the pump. The points program is straightforward in the sense that your customers will earn points for every gallon of gas they fill up with. The fuel rollback gives customers a direct discount at the pump. You can give these rewards a creative twist, with double points on certain days of the week or flash fuel rollback sales to drive customers in. Though it’s only a few cents, customers will appreciate the effort you’re making to offer savings at the pump as the prices continue to rise.

2. Daily Deals – At this moment, a trip to the gas station causes dread for most drivers. When the prices are this high, nobody looks forward to filling up their tank. So why not spin the situation and create a positive experience on top of great value? After all, customers tend to appreciate a good experience above price. Offering relevant deals on in-store products in tandem with great customer service not only creates immediate value for the customer but also enhances your relationships and gives them a positive association with your brand.

3. Utilize Communications – Successful loyalty programs keep their customers engaged. And with the number of alternatives there are to choose from, it matters more than ever to stay in touch. If you’re offering a fuel rewards program, a daily deal, or just want to keep consumers in the loop, why not reach out to them directly? Keeping in touch with your customers keeps you top of mind and forges a more intimate bond between them and your brand. And on top of the text and email notifications Simpliconnect provides, customers can receive push notifications directly through our mobile app so they can take advantage of any offers that come through right from the get-go. Gas prices got you down? Take advantage of our limited-time offers! Want to promote a free gas fill up contest? Shoot a text out! Having your members just a short message away facilitates relationship growth even during difficult financial times.

From all indications, gas prices will remain high for some time to come. But if you can connect with your customers and offer them alternative savings in the form of fuel discounts and daily deals all while keeping in close contact with them, customers will come to appreciate the value you’re bringing to the table and look forward to the next text you send out. If you’re interested in finding unique ways to connect with your customers at a time when everything feels like it costs an arm and a leg, schedule a free consultation with Simpliconnect today!

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