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Posted by Hadley Nichols on Thu, Jun 24, 2021 @ 10:03 AM



EMV upgrades have been a big priority for convenience stores over the past year, and even with the deadline being extended because of the pandemic, people were scrambling to get the job done. If you're like many C-store owners and operators, you may have been focused on the EMV system itself. But those shiny, new OEMVs at your pumps are only half of the upgrade equation. They will need network and tech support, and that's where a Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) comes in.

In our blog, Benefits of MNSP at C-Stores, we talked about the necessity of choosing an MNSP and how the time crunch didn't make that decision any easier for C-store owners and operators. Here, we'll get into more detail.

A little backstory: Managed network services maintain pay-at-the-pump solutions for operators without in-house IT expertise (most C-store businesses, in other words). They improve operations and help cut down on maintenance problems that can arise. Providers can be small, local vendors or much larger, global operations. The vendor you choose is up to you (unless you operate under a fuel brand or with a jobber who's already decided their preference). What's not in your control is the necessity of implementing an MNSP solution.

We get it; it sounds complicated. Everything about technology does, right? But, like most technologies, your network will ultimately make your life easier, make your transactions safer and more secure, and actually reduce the complexity of your new system.

Here are some fast facts and information you need to know about MNSPs.

What MNSP is/requires/does:

  • MNSP is being mandated by the major payment network brands (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)
  • MNSP is a requirement for both Gilbarco and Verifone.
  • MNSP will prepare you to implement EMV at the dispenser.
  • MNSP requires a PCI-certified managed firewall (a firewall and managed switch), which can only be implemented by a CERTIFIED PROVIDER
  • MNSP requires removing the end-of-life Gilbarco Cisco RV042 and VeriFone Enhanced Zone routers.
  • The MNSP program requires a significant change to your store's network architecture.

The benefits of MNSP:

  • MNSP reduces the number of devices onsite and therefore the complexity of the solution.
  • MNSP requires fewer vendors to deal with for onsite networking support.
  • MNSP offers ease of adding new transaction routes to and from the POS including Loyalty, Gift Card, Back Office, and others as required.
  • MNSP will increase store data security, while meeting mandated PCI requirements.
  • MNSP streamlines your efforts by knowing exactly whom to call with connectivity issues and allows for secure, remote troubleshooting support for in-store systems.
  • MNSP allows control over the network and visibility into each device operating within a merchant location.

We do encourage you to get MNSP certified now as the first option to get your loyalty program up and running.

Benefits of upgrading for your loyalty program:

It all sounds costly, right? No getting around the fact that you'll incur the upfront costs involved in purchasing, installing, and maintaining your new EMV system and your MNSP. A powerful way to offset those costs is with your Simpliconnect loyalty program. The benefits of a loyalty program are enormous — you'll see a rise in repeat business, get more loyal customers who spend more at the pump and in the store, and other benefits that add up to a boost in your bottom line. That's a powerful ally for your business anytime, but with the costs of these new upgrades, a robust loyalty program is a must. 

At Simpliconnect, we're passionate about helping C-store owners boost their bottom lines through loyalty programs tailored to their needs. To find out more, contact us today.

To learn more, read Benefits of the EMV Upgrade.


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