Why Digital Engagement is a Must Have

Posted by Trevor Akason on Thu, Nov 11, 2021 @ 02:42 PM


Depositphotos_57378019_XLWhen it comes to components that are vital to a successful c-store, there are a few things to consider. Updating your point-of-sale systems, keeping your inventory stocked, EMV compliance... But something that has become imperative to have over the past few years is the necessity for a digital presence. Simply put, having an online presence is more important than any brick-and-mortar marketing efforts you put forth. As a digital engagement platform, we at Simpliconnect are experts in establishing your presence and utilizing it to its maximum. Here are a few reasons why a digital presence is so crucial and the steps you can take to integrate it into your business.

Meeting Customers’ Digital Expectations
Today, nearly everyone has a cell phone with access to the internet. Having the busiest corner in town no longer guarantees sales, with visibility online becoming more important than ever. Customers not only expect to find your contact information such as a phone number and email address, but additional space to leave feedback. Though creating a basic Google profile for your business can accomplish all of these things, take it a step further and offer something your competitors might not be able to: a digital engagement platform. Simpliconnect’s mobile app offers so much more than a Google search could ever accomplish.

The Power of an App
Having an app, especially in the convenience store industry can really set you apart. According to a recent survey conducted by Hathway, 77% of customers agreed it’s important for convenience stores to offer loyalty. And even more impressive, 50% of the respondents rated a mobile loyalty program as the most important technology feature. If there’s one thing these numbers indicate it’s this: customers want a mobile app. If you can provide it for them, how will it help you in return?

Customer Retention and Engagement
Attaining new customers is a great goal to shoot for, but you can’t bank on it exclusively. That’s why it pays to have consumers who stay loyal to your brand that you can depend on. As one of the most sustainable ways to grow your business, retention not only keeps your current customers, but makes an emotional impact and creates a lasting relationship, thereby increasing lifetime value. And on top of that, it’s been found that loyalty programs boost visits and spend between 18%-30% per member! Simpliconnect has the tools not just for loyalty rewards, but also for communication. Using your app to communicate with your customers gets you top-of-mind exposure.

Starting a successful loyalty program takes investment. Time and money must be initially expensed, but once you hit the ground running, it won’t take long for a return on your investment. While the industry average of customers going from the pump and into the store sits around 30%, Simpliconnect’s goal is to boost that number by another 5%. Though that might not seem substantial, getting just 5% more patrons inside can increase your profit tremendously. Let’s assume on an average day you have 150 customers stop inside your store. With Simpliconnect’s loyalty app, 5% more customers would have bumped you up to 175. And with an average spend of $7 per customer, your daily increase hovers at $70. Accumulate those numbers to one year and you have over $23,000 in additional profit! Even with a marginal increase of 25 customers, it won’t take long for your profits to soar.

It has never been easier to create your own digital engagement platform, and with the help of Simpliconnect, you’ll understand why. Our dedicated team of client success managers works directly with you to provide turnkey solutions. The information you collect can be leveraged to make key business decisions so your program is efficient as possible. Digital is in nearly every facet of our lives, so why not at your convenience store?

If you still have questions about Simpliconnect and would like to learn more, contact us to see why having a loyalty program is a must have.

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