What Driving Customer Engagement Looks Like

Posted by Trevor Akason on Mon, Feb 21, 2022 @ 01:03 PM



Here at Simpliconect, we know the value of loyalty. Offering a program that has inherent value for both you and your customers is what we strive to provide. But as technology has evolved, providing a loyalty platform is not good enough to stand apart from the competition as statistics show that 73% of c-stores already have a loyalty program in place. You need a force that pushes your customers through the door more consistently, and that’s where customer engagement comes in. Our new tagline here at Simpliconnect is ‘Driving Customer Engagement.’ But what does that mean? And how can this simple tagline influence your business?

Customer Engagement has its roots within loyalty marketing. Offering customers something in return for shopping with you brings value back to them, but if everyone is offering rewards, where do you stand out? Instead of offering better deals or promotions, think bigger and improve your overall customer experience. This is the baseline of customer engagement – building an emotional connection between your customer and your brand. So how can you execute this relationship building?

Simpliconnect offers a handful of communications tools that provide you with direct contact with your customers, whether that be through text messaging, email, or push notifications through our mobile app. With these tools, you can develop a marketing strategy that delivers timely, relevant, and personalized messages to customers on an individual level. The key here is personalization and developing a strategy that connects you to your audience more intimately with messages that interest, educate, or motivate them ultimately encouraging an open dialogue between them and your business.

Though the data is clear in terms of the monetary benefits of building a customer engagement strategy, there are even more to consider. Creating a program from the ground up helps you understand what makes your brand unique. Identifying the traits of your business that resonate with your staff and customers and using them to your strengths makes your business more self-aware, transparent, and authentic.
Customer engagement is here to stay. It’s an ongoing process of anticipating your customers’ needs and forging lasting relationships and loyalty that will always be evolving. If you’re interested in learning how to engage with your customers on a more personal level and building lasting connections to elevate your business, contact us today!

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