Maneuvering Away From Mask Mandates

Posted by Hadley Nichols on Thu, May 27, 2021 @ 01:58 PM


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Across the country, mask mandates are coming to an end. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say fully vaccinated Americans no longer need to wear face masks; however, conflicts still remain. Though there is a segment of people who are excited about it, there are other segments who are hesitant. As large retail stores slowly eliminate the requirement for the fully vaccinated, it will only be a matter of time until more and more convenience stores follow suit. So how do we make the C-Store experience welcoming for everyone? And how can you ensure maintaining the best customer experience for everyone?

Welcome All Customers
Usage of masks can vary from region to region and town to town making expectations and enforcement confusing. Entering a location of uncertainty can make anyone feel unwelcome, which is something nobody wants to go through. Friendly service, as always, can go a long way to making all customers feel welcome, regardless of their masking choice. Providing masking guidelines for each of your locations within a loyalty app along with updated in-store signage will support your customers' personal choices and help your staff to enforce guidelines that may vary from site to site.

Normalize & Communicate
Let your customers know - far and wide - that coming in with or without a mask on isn’t an abnormality. Having current signage ensuring that your cleaning protocols will remain vigilant moving forward will assure all customers that you are dedicated to health and safety regardless of their masking choice. This is another area where your loyalty app can assist you. The app can serve as a consistent method of providing your customers a recurring reminder about your mask protocols and how their safety is of the utmost importance to you. Friendly reminders via text, email, and push notifications can put their mind at ease while also surrounding them with tempting rewards and offers they can utilize the next time they fill up.

With all things considered, handling the end of mask mandates might not be as hard as you would think. Good communication with customers is a trademark of all successful businesses. During these rapidly changing times, communication will be more important than ever.

At Simpliconnect, we care deeply for helping C-store owners and their relationship with customers. Our loyalty program app can offer you cost-effective methods to communicate with your customers before they even enter your store.

Contact us today to learn more and how a loyalty app could be the tool you are missing to ensure great communication with your customers.

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