Loyalty Programs Made Easy with Options

Posted by Brent Harms on Thu, Aug 08, 2019 @ 01:13 PM


If you step back and think like your customer, things can become more obvious. Customers will be most likely to join and use your loyalty program if it is easy to join and use. How do you make it easy? The key is options. All customers are not alike, just like how we buy things is not alike. Some of us like to buy online from our home PC, some of us like to visit our local store, and some of us like to buy on-the- go using our mobile devices. The same is true with loyalty program participation.



There continues to be customers in your market who like the old-style approach - fill out a form and receive a plastic membership card to present during future purchases. Others really like to use their phone number as their member identifier, finding satisfaction in a quick and easy enrollment process through text-to-enroll. Still others are accustomed to app downloads to use for both enrollment and participation in your loyalty program.    

The key to getting your customers to join your loyalty program is to provide them with options. Simpliconnect’s research shows that each different enrollment option attracts a significant number of customers, so if your program doesn’t offer all of those options, you’ll miss out on connecting with many of your customers.


Similarly, customers want options for receiving information about your offers and promotions. We recommend giving your customers all available options including text messaging, emailing, mobile app notifications, and in some cases, snail mail may still make sense. Make it easy for your customers to pick their preferred communication method. Simpliconnect’s research consistently shows that our clients have the highest offer redemptions when customers can choose their method to receive the offers.  


Loyalty programs are about connecting with your customers, rewarding them for choosing your store, and driving more sales.    Besides the quality and relevancy of your offers to your customers, providing them options to both join your program and receive promotions is the key to a successful loyalty program!

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