Demystifying the Altria Tobacco Program Changes

Posted by Trevor Akason on Fri, Mar 18, 2022 @ 11:00 AM



By now we hope you’ve heard that on April 3, 2022, Altria will be launching a very new tobacco loyalty program. That’s right. By the time you’re reading this blog, you’ve got less than a few weeks to understand the new program, what’s required to continue participating, and how Simpliconnect can help you through it all. First, the basics: Altria is dismantling the loyalty fund program that you know today. The new program deploys a 3-tier funding structure, each with specific, digital loyalty-related requirements. The new program will be focused on:

  • an enhanced, digital loyalty experience
  • increased LFP redemptions amongst consistent loyalty ids
  • improved quality of data submissions

So what does that mean?

Some good news first. If you currently participate in the Altria LFP, you are automatically enrolled into the new program starting in Tier 1. You should know that the discounts offered and the reimbursement structure will be adjusted and will likely not be the same as you enjoy today.

For Tier 2 and Tier 3 participation, there are specific requirements that you must meet related to consistent loyalty IDs associated with transaction data, age and identity validation technology, and the ability to offer coupons via digital means.

Right about now you might want to hear some more good news, so here it is. At Simpliconnect, the product, program, and service we offer are ready to support Tier 2 immediately! Our early development of a robust mobile app and digital loyalty program has been meeting these needs all along.

This post was only meant to be a brief overview. There are more details to each of the tiers and their requirements that are important to understand. We’ve spent weeks working closely with Altria to understand these details and ensure that our clients are in the best position possible to take full advantage of the program. If you’re curious, we will be hosting a free webinar on March 23, 2022, to share additional explanations of the requirements around digital coupons and EAIV. What’s EAIV? You’ll have to join us to find out! We recommend reaching out to your Altria rep ASAP to get the details of the program that your business qualifies to participate in. Then reach out to Simpliconnect and we’ll tell you how our mobile app and loyalty program support will ensure you are able to take full advantage of this new program.

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