How Convenience Stores Can Fill Positions, and Keep them that Way

Posted by Trevor Akason on Thu, Sep 15, 2022 @ 10:58 AM



Though the labor market has taken a slight turn for the better, many independent and small convenience store chains around the country are still struggling to not only fill positions but keep those positions filled. Struggling might not be a strong enough word, as turnover rates in the industry have soared over 150%! And keeping positions filled has become a premium, as it’s been estimated a bad hire can cost a company at least 30% of their annual salary, or $5,864 for the average convenience store. Between difficulties offering a competitive salary that competes with the bigger chains or not having the resources necessary to create technological upgrades to circumvent staffing issues, these challenges can be felt everywhere in the industry. So how can you generate more interest in your openings, find the right candidates, and get them to stay? There are several ways to take on this challenge but utilizing a rewards program through the likes of Simpliconnect might be a good starting point. Here are a few ways to tackle this challenge.

Promoting Open Positions

Before you even cast a net for potential suitors, it is imperative you market the position effectively and provide several channels where potential applicants can discover your open position. The days of depending on “Now Hiring” signage on store windows are long gone. Job hiring platforms such as Indeed, social media, and your website are reliable channels. But an under-the-radar route you can utilize is a mobile rewards program. Clients of ours at Simpliconnect have utilized their loyalty app to find some of the most qualified and knowledgeable candidates possible: their customers. Reaching your customer base through communications like push notifications, emails, and texts is sure to yield candidates who understand your business from the other side of the counter bringing along unique and actionable insights.

Outside the Box Benefits

Though there are a myriad of ways to find the best person for your position including replicating your top performers, evaluating for soft skills, or promoting within, once your employee is hired the next key is retaining them. Providing further employee flexibility, higher pay, and hiring bonuses are becoming the norm. However, as inflation has remained an ongoing concern that offsets wage increases, you should look for other methods to stand out among your competitors. One major incentive to incorporate for employees might be under your very nose: a rewards program. Though you may already have a program for customers, offering a separate, and exclusive system for employees might tip the scales in your favor. Providing opportunities to acquire points at a faster rate, extending specials on in-store items for employees only, or offering an even bigger rollback at the pump can make a huge difference for potential hires and could save them a trip to the grocery store and provide unique benefits other careers can’t offer. Separate programs like this sound complicated, but with a rewards partner like Simpliconnect at the helm, the management of these separate programs could not be simpler. Our customer success team handles each program and updates it to your specifications so both customers and employees have access to your rewards.

Moving forward, if there is one thing you shouldn’t do, it is to wait for the labor crisis to end. Experts don’t foresee the labor situation improving in 2022 and understand the need for businesses, such as convenience stores, to overhaul their hiring process and employee retention. If you’re frustrated with staffing woes, reach out to us at Simpliconnect. Beyond promoting job openings and juggling separate rewards programs, Simpliconnect has the tools to increase both customer and employee engagement, boosting your bottom line in the process. Contact us today to turn your staffing issues into solutions!



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